Policeman wounded in a shootout, suspects sought

Police are looking for suspects who shot and debilitated a police constable during a shootout with criminals in one of the banks at Ogies in the early hours of this morning at approximately 04:00.

The incident unfolded when police who were on patrol received a complaint about mistrustful people who were spotted at the bank and they responded accordingly.

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When the two cops arrived at the scene, they noticed three vehicles parked near the bank and suddenly they were approached by a group of armed men who opened fire at them. Police retaliated however one of them was injured in the process, they then took cover and summoned backup. The suspects managed to flee the scene before their illegitimate and evil mission was accomplished.

The wounded policeman was rushed to hospital for medical treatment and a preliminary investigation was instituted. Police discovered that the villains had already gained entrance inside the bank and blasted a safe but their mission was intercepted by the swift response of the police. Explosives were seized at the scene and the investigation is still underway.

Police further discovered another man who allegedly went to withdraw money and was locked in his vehicle by the villains and left with the keys.

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“We will not leave any stone unturned until these villains are brought to book. Anyone who attacks or kills a police officer will face the full valour of the law. I also wish the officer who has been hospitalised a quick recovery”, said the Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma.

Any person with information is urged to contact Warrant Officer Simon Matshika at 072 274 8592.

Bongani Mashisane

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