Hard news

Another school burnt in Marite

This follows the disruptions of teaching and learning by some community members who demand construction of tarred roads in the area. It was reported that the meeting yielded unfruitful results.

The subscriber you have dialled is unavailable at present!

Many subscribers are unable to make or attend meetings, use their mobile banking services and several people have even complained about being stranded at security complex entrance gates which are registered on the Vodacom network.

Buscor increases bus fares

Buscor has announced that it will increase fares for bus routes in Mbombela and surrounds by 5, 81 per cent from April 1, 2017.

Five cars torched during violent protest

Five houses were damaged, five cars torched beyond repair and three people seriously injured during a violent protest that erupted during a meeting on Tuesday evening.

Relief for Lily Mine workers

10 unemployed former Lily Mine workers will be absorbed by a neighbouring mine following the closure of the mine which collapsed on February 5 last year.