Belly Critic

There is no more loyalty in football anymore.

Belly Critic

Some officials, who are supposed to be administrators of these leagues, are also involved in this match-fixing.

Belly Critic

Bafana supporters, especially those from Mpumalanga, should not bring champagne or dancing shoes, like we did in 2011 as there is nothing to celebrate this time around.

Belly Critic

The establish-ment of the Mpumalanga Integrated School Sports League has long been overdue. School sport was dead and buried in the province. Hats off to MEC for education, Reginah Mhaule for launching this league. Mhaule appears to have stopped the lip service, common to many of our leaders, as she has really made an effort…

Belly Critic

In their first-ever season in the NFD last year, United made a positive impact as did Spurs. Hopefully both teams will continue to do so this coming season.

Exciting times await soccer supporters

Chiefs fans have the bragging rights early in the season. The Khosi nation (Chiefs fans) have been receiving flack of late.

BLOG: Pregnancy is a sign of trust from God

People say pregnant women are brave, because they carry evidence of having unprotected sex all around. Well, I say we are blessed; it’s not every day when you walk around with two heartbeats inside you.

Pregnancy is more interesting in the black culture

Many a times when the weather is chilly, I usually feel hot, apparently it’s normal. But I must wear something because the cold will affect me when I put to bed, again, labor stories.