Parents are fed up with the school’s headmaster

PIENAAR – Teaching and learning at Duma Primary School was disrupted on Monday after angry parents locked out the principal, whom they are fed up with.

Ms Catherine Mbanda has allegedly been accused by the parents of misappropriating the school’s funds.

Mpumalanga News learnt that this whole drama started last year when parents requested an auditor to check how the school funds were being used and it was discovered that the principal could not account for an estimated amount of R300 000.

One of the parents, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “we are not happy with the leadership of Mbanda, she must be removed. Instead of using the funds for good purposes like upgrading some of the structures, she’s been using the money for personal gain. We can’t keep quiet as parents because it’s clear that she doesn’t care about the future of our kids. This is a school and not a spaza shop that she can run the way she wants to. Mbanda must step down because she is failing us as parents,” she explained.

It’s reported that when representatives of the school governing body visited the school, they discovered there were cheques that were signed on December 28, 2013, which left parents with questions as the school was closed and the principal failed to give them an acceptable explanation.

When Mpumalanga News visited the school last week, it found that some of the buildings were not in a good state. Some of the windows were broken and the kitchen that is used to prepare food for the learners, resembled a pig sty.

Mpumalanga News also learnt that on Sunday, parents held a meeting to further discuss the matter. It was also graced by the regional director of education at Ehlanzeni, Mr Mfana Lushaba.

He indicated the department was also investigating the matter and said the principal had to continue with her duties meanwhile.

He also urged the parents not to disrupt classes but the latter vowed to stick to their guns as they demanded Mbanda’s removal, hence the lock-out.

Phumla Nkalanga

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