Spiked juice to suppress sexual drive


STEENBOK – The Class of 2014 at Steenbok Secondary School will sit for their end of year final examinations, fully prepared after their educators doctored them with so-called sex repelling juice at a holiday camp during the recent midterm holidays that ended last Friday.

It has been reported that the previously sexually active learners demonstrated one of the most heated sex romps during the last study camp in June after hours as they slept and studied at school, throughout that period.

This time around, according to our informants among the learners, certain educators tipped them off that the juice supplied to them at the camp, had been medicated with pills that repulse sexual arousal.

According to information at our disposal, the camp went ahead incident-free with no reports of sexual romps, except, of course, for the widespread reports of numerous stomach aches that affected the learners during the camp.

“It was surprising that all of us suddenly had stomach cramps and others started making regular visits to the loo. That was when one teacher told us about the pills in our juice,” said one learner who did not wish to be named.

“They did it last year, the difference now is it has caused some side effects,” said the learner.

The learners further alleges that one of their peers had to go to Tonga Hospital for treatment for a swollen penis.

“One of us had to seek medical attention, that is how bad it was. Apparently, they were prompted to do this because of some of our alumni’s behaviour in the previous years.

The teachers allege that there had been cases of learners having sex so they were trying to prevent history from repeating itself,” the learner added.

The principal of the school has denied the allegations, saying she doesn’t know anything about the matter at hand. However, the learners have also indicated that some teachers warned them not to take more than one glass of the juice.

Mpumalanga News spoke to a pharmacist in Mopani Pharmacy at I’langa Mall, about the matter.

“It could be that they have used Haloperidol to suppress the arousal. It’s medication for anti-psychotic and schizophrenic conditions.

It is normally used to calm mood swings, however, some people use it to prevent sexual arousal.

Some side-effects include restlessness, hyper salivation and either constipation or diarrhoea,” said pharmiacist Ms Pamela Gunzvenzve.

Spokesperson for the department of education, Mr Jasper Zwane said, “Please be informed that the department is not aware of this issue, be that as it may, the department will direct Ehlanzeni District to submit a report as a matter of urgency.”

Sesane Mabuza

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