Editor’s Voice: A teacher is someone we entrust with our children’s future

I wonder what will become of our children who end up as their teachers concubines, who bless them with money.
The latest incident of an Acornhoek school principal who was beaten to a pulp by two of his girlfriends, right inside his office, is such an embarrassment to our society.

A teacher is someone we entrust with our children’s future. Instead of instilling educational matters, this principal does the opposite – falls in love with the very same children he is paid by government to educate.

He does not deserve to be in that position and must be punished severely by the powers that be. I am sincerely appealing to the MEC for education, Ms Reginah Mhaule, to take drastic measures against this principal, who, according to some of the pupils, has a tendency to have affairs with pupils at the school.

A group of schoolchildren protested on Monday, demanding the return of their principal who fled after the assault incident last Wednesday. Why would a portion of the pupils fight for his return yet he is abusive?

To me this signifies that those children must be benefiting from his escapades. Such incidents need urgent intervention by the school governing body to protect the children.

What is also surprising is the dodgy manner in which the circuit manager treated this matter.

He hid from our journalist who was investigating this issue, claiming to have been 40 kilometres away from the school, when he was actually in the vicinity. It seems to me, he is protecting the principal when he is in fact supposed to be protecting the children.

Are these pupils in the right hands? The answer is a stern no. They need protection and that protection must come from the authorities, urgently. The time to act is now or the future of these pupils will be doomed.

Bongani Hlatshwayo

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