How to drive safe in the rain

The Lowveld is wet this morning and driving in the rain can be both scary and dangerous.

There are a lot of safety precautions to follow including driving according to the conditions. Here are five tips to avoid accidents:

1. Slow Down
Driving at a high speed on wet roads can lead to hydroplaning causing your tyres to lose contact with the road and your car less control in terms of steering or braking.

2. Drive with both hands on the wheel
This gives you maximum control if you have to turn, swerve or react quickly. It also decreases the chances of injury from airbags in case of a collision.

3. Avoid slamming brakes
Slamming brakes can cause you to slide forward. Hitting the brakes too hard can also force water into your brakes, making them less effective.

4. Turn your lights on
Whether it’s day or night, when it starts to rain, turn on your headlights immediately. This makes it easier for other drivers to see your car and for you to see the road clearer.

5. Take turns slowly
Whenever you have a turn up coming, signal early and start slowing down sooner than you would in good conditions.

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