Editor’s voice: The entire workforce is without jobs

I wonder what the management of Lily Mine wanted to commemorate on February 5, when the three trapped miners have not yet been rescued.

In my opinion, that is a form of mockery to the families of the miners, who desperately hope for their loved ones’ return.
What makes matters worse is that even the compensation promised by the minister of energy has not yet been paid out.

How are these families surviving when many of them have lost breadwinners? It has been a year since the incident, and their families are still camping next to the mine with the hope that they may wake up one day and be greeted with the news that the miners have been rescued at last.

That seems to be a pipe dream. Currently, there is no rescue mission.
My heart bleeds when I think of the miners’ children who will never get to see their parents again.

Talk of a consortium which will take over operations is just a fallacy.
I cannot imagine operations continuing when it has been said that rescuing the three miners is risky.

How will they be able to resume operations in the first place? It appears that making a profit is more important than human lives here.

Let all who are committed to assist in any way possible honour their promises. As we speak, the entire workforce is without jobs. How are these poor families expected to survive? Hopes are fading by the day, though time will reveal all.

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