Through the grapevine

We had the opportunity to be at Mario Pillay’s wedding on Valentine’s Day. What a beautiful ceremony and the couple couldn’t have chosen a better day. The sun was shining, guests were dressed to the nines. May your union be blessed.

Back to business… Well, sharing is caring right? This week let’s do things a bit differently. Note that the aim is not to offend anybody, but to motivate and learn. Events are hosted weekly and the things said in public are hilarious and somehow embarrassing.  Here we go:

1. Firstly, the place you park your car is called a parking space, not packing.
2. We shop at Makro, not Micro.
3. Comrades, can we find other words to use during conversations instead of challenges, mandate, my leader and the list goes on… Haai kabi. Y’all could learn a thing or two from the premier. He speaks simple English and makes sense. You should have heard him at the provincial lekgotla last weekend. One never falls asleep when that man is on the podium. Never use bombastic words that you can’t define. It makes no sense.
4. Remember a he = boy and a she = girl. Don’t get the two mixed up.
5. Can someone from the SAPS explain to us the term potential rapists? Vele niyayivuma to an extent that it would be mentioned on radio.
NB: We are as excited as you are for Sopa. Looking forward to seeing those outfits on the red carpet.

May the force be with you!

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