Deputy minister interacts with young people

Mr Buti Manamela with a learner from Sakhile High, Valentine Ngobe.

JERUSALEM – Interacting with the young people during the Youth Development Imbizo held recently at the community hall, Manamela urged the youth to become involved in the business sector.

“The aim of my visit is to engage with young people and to provide them with information on issues of youth development and also to find out about the problems that they have,” he said.

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During the gathering, a majority of the youth raised concerns about lack of job opportunities, nepotism and the National Youth Development Agency (Nyda) which they said was failing dismally to uplift young people.

Buti Manamela addresses young people during the youth imbizo.

“They raised a number of issues which need to be addressed like the issue of the Nyda. It needs to be attended to because young people are supposed to be involved, but it it’s not happening since a number of them are complaining about the agency,” said Manamela.

He added that some of the problems that were raised will be also addressed at national level.
“We had a question-and-answer session, whereby, we gave them a platform to talk. Some of the problems cannot be addressed overnight, they need time and government intervention. We are going to talk about it deeper at national level,” he added.

Community members gracing the youth imbizo at the community hall.

Manamela urged young people not to raise their problems through violence. That was after an angry mob, who are members of Ancyl tried to disrupt the event.

“Violence is not a solution and the youth must learn about respect. Those young people came here and asked questions and now we want to give them the answers and they are gone. What they did is disrespectful,” he concluded.

Manamela also donated uniforms to learners from poor families.

Phumla Nkalanga

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