Through the grapevine

Mbombela is fast developing, and several great things are hitting our shores.

H&M opened its store and some of us were privileged to have been invited to the launch. Marketing is an important tool for any business, and this store’s team definitely knows what they are doing. We bumped into a few local celebs, and one could not help but laugh at other kids who dressed as though they were invited to a wedding.

At some point, a few of us thought we got the memo wrong. Stealing others’ shine and blabbing about “me this, me that” at events is unattractive and childish. They were bored to death! Relax, ufake i-make-up, speak when spoken to and slay.
It’s your right.

As stated above, we get invited to all these nice events and last Tuesday Chivas Regal hosted an intimate dinner at Orange Restaurant. Jozi people know their stuff and again, marketing is key. We were treated to a scrumptious three-course meal and of course, we explored the brand.

Celeste’s Ntuli’s show also rocked, even though it started a bit late. Ever noticed how MCs and supporting acts at comedy shows outshine the main acts? Why mara? Out of curiosity, why is it that when locals host… shows, they don’t get as much support as others do? There’s no love lana eNaspoti instead many of you have PHDs (Pull him/her down syndrome)

Despite that, the venue was small, and was packed to full capacity. Remember, charity begins at home. Love and support your own first, then they will be embraced in other places.

May the force be with you!

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