Two suspected cattle thieves are hanged in Thulamahashe

The bodies of two men who were allegedly caught stealing cattle were found hanging from a tree on Saturday morning.

Mpumalanga News learned that five men were herding suspected stolen cattle in the bush near Mp Stream in Thulamahashe.

Three of them managed to flee from an angry mob of community members and livestock farmers.

Cattle roaming near roads.

Two of the suspects aged between 27 and 28 were caught and severely assaulted before being hung. Police only found their bodies on Saturday morning

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A resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said the farmers were tired of livestock theft. “In most cases they sell this meat to elders at pension pay points, on the streets and to butcheries around the village,” he said.

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Mhala District police spokesperson, WO Gugulethu Phiri, said investigations still under way.

“It is suspected that the two were hung by a mob, but that is not yet confirmed and investigations still continue,” Phiri said. She added that a murder case had been opened.

Thobile Mlangeni

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