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Young people, Bathi you can’t read and lack knowledge because you literally live your lives on social media. But again, who is to blame when things have evolved over the years?
We commend those who make an effort yazi, unlike those who seek attention at social events and embarrass themselves by making a mockery of the Queen’s language.

It is said sharing is caring, right?

A gift from us to you – Vocab 101:
1. You don’t pack a car but you park it in a parking lot.
2. We shop at Makro not at Mikro.
3. Youth league members, it’s Pravin Gordhan not Gordons. It isn’t all of you who pronounce it wrong though.
4. Kanti when did a bus become a buns? This is a mystery!
5. Miss SA 2016 is a beauty queen, not a beauty pageant.
A certain politician said this and later denied it. LOL, we remember hey.

Don’t badmouth us and say we don’t care about Mbombelans. Phela it’s pointless to use expensive lipstick but you can’t pronounce even the simplest words. Even Bulelwa Maphanga said it on Facebook and as hilarious as it is, it’s actually the truth. Talk about throwing massive shade. Hahahaha!

May the force be with you!

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