Through the grapevine

Remember when the year started, people made all sorts of resolutions which have not materialised? Shame man!

It’s also sad to see how others live their lives through social media lately, and go as far as bragging about judging pageants, being on the decks and attending meetings. From being into prestigious events to that? And you still post such. Seriously?

Then when you get teased, you feel like the world is attacking you, ngoba Mbombelans are as sensitive as toilet seats. We were just passing by nje lana, but it would be wise to take it easy and not to get too adventurous on social-media platforms.

Not all of you are attention seekers and yes, you post some status updates. Last week’s post that caught our eye is one from Zwelo Masilela, where he explained the different levels in factions. We know y’all will be talking about organisations being captured by default by political parties. Like it or not – this guy has brains and is going places. By the way, he has followers with whom he interacts daily. Nice one comrade, we loved that post!

Last but not least, to the ladies out there: It’s still winter and this month only gets colder. Kindly dress warmly and decently. Do not pull a Zodwa Wabantu stunt on us this weekend. Slay and serve in your own lane.

May the force be with you!

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