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You were specifically requested at the Sopa earlier this year to try and shed off some weight. Mr Premier is clearly defied in this instance. But maybe if someone who we do not wish to name would lead the pack, the rest will follow.  But what you did at Bra Ray’s funeral was a disgrace! Once again, behave!

So, the acting premier decided she would specially thank the SABC for coverage… nah fam! That was way out of line, and to think there were other media houses that drove all the way.  Did she even know she was live on TV? Anyway, it’s nothing new because we’re aware of how much the broadcaster is favoured and prioritised in this province.

Government seems to forget how they flood our emails with unnecessary, badly written press releases that we fix, and how you invite the very same media to events where you donate blankets, even in summer. Haai, change your ways, you need us to disseminate your stuff. We had to say it. Phew! What a relief now that we’ve coughed it out.

On a lighter note, we must applaud the MEC for culture, sports and recreation, Norah Mahlangu, for being stylish. You slayed in that outfit even though you took your heels off. Mam Reginah Mhaule, we’re crazy about you and we love the fact that you dress appropriately for every occasion. Respect to you!

Oh by the way, Fakazi Gama, your video trended. Hahahahaha… Till next week.

May the force be with you!

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