Through the grapevine

You need to move with the times and bear in mind that things have evolved. Whether you’re looking good, seeking attention or just being yourself at an event, stuff will be said about you.

So please, leave us to entertain those who understand what showbiz is. Eintlek, how will you even survive in Jozi and other places? We really do feel sorry for you but not as much as we do for the Mrs Mpumalanga finalists whose shine has been stolen by last year’s runner-up.

With all due respect, kanti akusapheli nah sisi? Let the other madams campaign without you showing up wearing your sash. Point taken, you were a runner-up and you are recognised. Siyabonga, but seku-sharp dear.

By the way, some of this year’s finalists were also spotted waving at the cameras and parading at Ray Phiri’s memorial service. There’s no other way to put it, niyaphapha!

Anyway, Spring is going to be lit as there is enetertainment galore! The likes of  Zodwa Wabantu and other socialites  invading Mbombela gets most of us excited. We just can’t wait!  Nina bo-babes boku forcer, do not even try to be over adventurous or pull any stunts. We will soon be starting a new season and no drama is needed or stories of people not settling thier bills.  Not now, not ever please.

May the force be with you!

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