Our view: The ruling party does need to test its strength

It is cowardice for the ruling party to fear the forthcoming general elections in 2019, if they know they did justice unto the people they are supposed to serve. Its only sin at the moment is allowing Zuma to do as he pleases, plunging the country into junk status.

This is the very first time that an ANC president has demonstrated ignorance regarding the decline of the country’s status, and who is only concerned about holding onto power. He is feared by his colleagues at all levels. Why is he feared rather than respected?

Under the Zuma regime, the ANC presidency is manifesting itself as a kingdom. How can a president also have a preferred successor, even worse, his ex-wife?

Why can’t he look beyond her, as I do believe that South Africans no longer want to be associated with the Zuma name. The other damning thing about it, is that a few of his children have launched scathing attacks against his critics. Yet, they are implicated in some of the alleged deals he has been accused of.

Matters of the state do not require your children’s interference, unless you told them the country now belongs to you. No wonder he increased his number of spouses when he was elected as president; he had seen the light, and knew he could cling onto power his entire life, and keep it within the family.

When ANC supporters rallied behind him after they felt as though he was being mistreated by former president Thabo Mbeki. Little did they know that they were creating a monster that would turn against them.

Considering that all the powerful individuals who allowed him the liberty to destroy the organisation and tarnish its image, they must face the test of their strength – if the outcome leads to an early election, so be it.

Bongani Hlatshwayo

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