Ideas on hosting a dinner party

Weekends always provide great opportunities to catch up with friends and families either on socially or on business purposes. Hosting a dinner party can be a great idea in doing so.
Here are simple tips of hosting a successful winter dinner party courtesy of the founder of Durbanville-based CY Market Anso-Mari Schoeman.

Sort out the invitations
-Invite your guests either by email or by sending them a text message. Mention the dress code (formal, semi-formal or informal) and theme for your party, provided you plan on having one.

Snacks and wine
“Plenty of great red wine for a winter dinner party is non-debatable, and a few delicacies for guests to nibble on while they mingle pre-dinner will seriously impress,” says Anso-Mari. “You can visit local markets and obtain something truly special to offer them.”

Setting the table
A proper set of plates and cutlery can be a lifetime investment if cared for properly, and will continue to impress even with age. Opt for something that is not too extravagant and will always stay in style; think plain white or even china. Stainless steel silverware is pricey, but well worth it.

Remember the basics
Clean your house well in advance, work out a menu that will allow you to wow but still socialize, make a playlist, ensure you won’t be disturbing the neighbours and plan a schedule for the evening.

“Hosting a dinner party is not at all as stressful as it may sound at first; with a little effort and some planning, pretty soon you may never want to visit a restaurant again!” says Anso-Mari.

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