Miss Africa pageant to empower African women

Miss Africa is an annual international beauty pageant along with Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth.

Miss Africa is prone to be one of the largest beauty pageants globally and one of the most anticipated beauty pageants worldwide. It was founded in 2014 by Lionel Neo Mashishi who is a film Producer and director. The pageant is envisaged to become one of the celebrated Events on the African calendar. Contestants represent diverse African culture.
The purpose of the pageant is to empower and expose diverse African young women to different cultures, sell Africa to the world, to be recognised on a global stage and to tell African stories. It is also meant to empower women socially and economically by providing a platform to engage with global streamline economist through mentorship programmes.
It plays a pivotal role in curbing and addressing the xenophobic mentality. It set example that as Africans we are one. We are all Africans before irrespective of the culture background or country we come from.


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