Our view: We need to learn one thing as men; women are precious being

I don’t understand how other people think. If you feel your partner is no longer good for you, why not separate instead of resorting to such barbaric acts?

We need to learn one thing as men; women are precious beings and we should learn to cherish them.
They are the kind of people who have tolerated us regardless of many things. One thing they never do is walk out on us. Instead they are forgiving, no matter how badlly we have wronged them.

This year alone we have had a growing number of women who suddenly disappeared. In most cases one of the last people they were seen with is their partners. I could also blame the police for not being vigilant enough in tackling this scourge.

There’s a family whose daughter has been missing for more than 100 days as we speak. The problem the family complains of is a lack of support from the police.
They have had to go out as a family in search of their loved one, all in vain.
Why could they not be assisted with sniffer dogs at least, as they continue to relentlessly search the veld? Something is not right here.

Sometimes when a community takes the law into their own hands, we blame them and always urge them to allow the law to take its course.

Look what happened in KaBokweni on Sunday. The boyfriend confessed to the crime when he had earlier gone to the police station to report a missing person. How sad.

This is everybody’s business. We must rid society of this scourge.

I do not understand why they are doing it. Is it for muthi purposes or what?

Bongani Hlatshwayo

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