Tracy Todd’s Blog

Dear Mom

I will never forget the look on your face when you walked into the hospital – the day you saw your only daughter lying there – completely incapacitated. You tried to be brave. I saw you bite your lip.

Sweet 16

Few people can say that they were given a second chance at life

Insomnia, I can’t sleep with you

Insomnia, it’s been said, is the triumph of the mind over the mattress. I’m competitive by nature. So, I’m fighting to regain control.

In the shower with…

Eyes closed, I see myself standing alone in a glass cubicle. The water, a little hotter than necessary, is cascading over my head and down the natural curves of my body.

The Red Room

My heart pounded because I knew, deep down, that she was there to stay, for a while at least, until she had her way and got what she came for, whether I liked it or not.