BLOG: Pregnancy is a sign of trust from God

People say pregnant women are brave, because they carry evidence of having unprotected sex all around. Well, I say we are blessed; it’s not every day when you walk around with two heartbeats inside you.

Pregnancy is more interesting in the black culture

Many a times when the weather is chilly, I usually feel hot, apparently it’s normal. But I must wear something because the cold will affect me when I put to bed, again, labor stories.

Letter: ANC neglects members

The ANC January 8th (ANC NEC Annual Statement) birthday celebrations came and went, but this couldn’t pass without serious problems, which can be avoided.

Our View: Zuma calls an end to corruption

It is good news to have heard ANC President Jacob Zuma spell out some good intent from his government when he delivered his annual January 8 Statement last Saturday.