Editor’s note

Our view: The ruling party does need to test its strength

Regardless of how the motion of no confidence against president Jacob Zuma went on Tuesday, the ruling party does need to test its strength against a vigilant group of opposition parties in parliament.

Our view: The political scene is at a very interesting juncture

For once, politicians have begun to realise the impact their mistakes have had on the poor communities who recently silently vented their anger by either abstaining from voting – a turnout of only 49 per cent – or by voting for the opposition.

Our view: Enough is enough

On Youth Day we as Mpumalanga News will join in the march organised by concerned women to protest against the brutal killing of women and children in society.

Our view: Tough times ahead for ANC

The ANC is likely to face tough times in the forthcoming general elections in 2019 if they do not put their house in order.

Our view: Zuma supporters are adamant that he is going nowhere

These are very trying times on the political front, with the country’s citizens up in arms demanding that the president, Jacob Zuma step down. On the other hand, diehard Zuma supporters are adamant that he is going nowhere. Bongani Hlatshwayo writes.

Our view: I got the shock of my life

The poor mother with four young children, the oldest being 11 years, live in a one-roomed stick-and-mud house. The floor is just soil, and there is only one bed which the mother shares with the unemployed stepfather of her children.