Sales In Execution

NOTICE IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (GAUTENG DIVISION, PRETORIA) Case No. 36731/2016 In the matter between: ABSA BANK LIMITED - PLAINTIFF and ATAICO DIALLO ID: 660814 5386 086 - DEFENDANT NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION PERSUANT to a Judgment Orders granted by this Honourable Court on 19 JULY 2016 and 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 respectively, and a Warrant of Execution, the undermentioned property will be sold in execution by the Sheriff of the High Court, WHITE RIVER on WEDNESDAY the 8th day of NOVEMBER 2017, at 10H00 at the Magistrate`s Office, Chief Mgiyeni Khumalo Avenue, WHITE RIVER, Mpumalanga Province to the highest bidder without a reserve price. ERF 2026 WHITE RIVER EXTENSION 18 TOWNSHIP, REGISTRATION DIVISION J.U, MPUMALANGA PROVINCE PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 12 HENRY MOREY, CNR DUIKER STREET, WHITE RIVER EXT 18, MPUMALANGA PROVINCE MEASURING: 1198 (ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT) SQUARE METRES AND HELD BY DEFENDANT IN TERMS OF DEED OF TRANSFER No. T52280/2001 Improvements are: Dwelling: Dining Room, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Scullery, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Double Garage, Borehole Open Plan Flat: Kitchen, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Double Garage No warranties regarding description, extent or improvements are given. The conditions of sale to be read out by the Sheriff of the High Court at the time of the sale and will be available for inspecion at the offices of the Sheriff White River, at 36 Hennie Van Till Street, WHITE RIVER, Mpumalanga Province. DATED at PRETORIA on this the 2nd day of OCTOBER 2017. VZLR INC PLAINTIFF`S ATTORNEYS MONUMENT OFFICE PARK 71 STEENBOK AVENUE FIRST FLOOR, BLOCK 3 MONUMENT PARK - PRETORIA PO BOX 974, PRETORIA, 0001 DOCEX 97, PRETORIA TEL: 012‑435‑9444 FAX: 012‑435‑ 9555 REF: MAT85217/E NIEMAND/MN - TA004960